Residential ventilation

Fresh air is essential for our well-being

Those wishing to build or carry out renovations today are faced with a challenge. The energy-saving ordinance demands better insulated building envelopes in order to protect our resources and the environment.

These prevent natural ventilation through the building’s component parts, which means that mould may appear in the interior rooms, which in turn puts the health of its occupants at risk. While regular cross-ventilation can provide some relief, it is rarely convenient and often not realisable at all. On top of that, valuable heating energy is wasted by doing so.

And this is a real conflict.

So isn’t it great that you now have a solution to it at hand?

The SAVEVent Comfort - controlled residential ventilation by Systemair.

Benefits of controlled residential ventilation

  • Convenient: fresh air around the clock
  • Healthy: optimum climate - without a draught
  • Efficient: reduces heating costs
  • Value preservation: no mould
  • Hygienic: no harmful substances in the air
  • Allergy-friendly: thanks to high-quality supply air filters
  • Pleasant: fast extraction of unpleasant smells from the kitchen, toilet and all other rooms
  • Easy: no window ventilation necessary
  • Relaxing: enjoy fresh air without the noise from the street coming through open windows
  • Increase value: with the latest building standards