Roof fan TFC

TFC is a roof fan intended for residential and commercial properties. It has energy efficient EC fans that also can be equipped with apropriate controls.


Demand Controlled Extract Ventilation
TFC offers a cost efficient and simple solution for demand controlled extract ventilation and comes in two versions:

The S-version comes with potentiometer as standard which allows the speed of the fan to be controlled stepless from 0 – 100 %. This is a simple solution when demand control is not necessary.

The P-version has Variable Air Volume (VAV) as standard but is prepared for and can easily be converted to Constant Air Volume (CAV).

Swing out function
The wheel is easily accessible to make maintenance easier, providing a better work environment.

Locking function
A built in locking function secures the fan when it is in service position, preventing it from accidentally falling, causing injury on personnel.

Safety switch
The TFC has a plug and play solution with safety switch as standard and the control panel is easily accessible behind a hatch in the casing, where air volume and duct pressure can be read on the display.

Alu-Zink Casing
The casing of the TFC is made of Alu-zink material in environmental class C4, making it resistant to corrosion. The cover is then also powder coated for further protection, increasing the life span of the product and provides a cost efficient solution.  

Composite wheels
The wheel is made of composite which makes it light and contributes to an ergonomic work environment for installers and maintenance staff.

Easily placed
TFC is easily placed thanks to the insulated casing that reduces the sound level to a minimum. Furthermore, the extract air is directed upwards, preventing dirt from accumulating on the surrounding areas.