Circular duct fan prioAir

More performance. Less energy consumption. The new EC circular duct fan.

How do you achieve the best efficiency in your class?
By re-inventing the wheel.

Maximum performance – minimum consumption:
Not a contradiction in terms for the prioAir circular duct fan.

Because with its revolutionary impeller with fully optimised flow technology it can move enormous volumes of air with low energy input.

Moreover, it convinces with its compact dimensions and an extremely quiet performance.
In short: The new standard for contemporary ventilation systems.

prioAir. Lengths ahead.


Efficient, compact, low-noise


The most important advantages at a glance

  • Low SFP values and very high efficiency. Your advantage: Maximum performance and low energy consumption
  • Powerful EC motor with integrated electronics. Your advantage: Reduced energy consumption reduces the running costs
  • Compact design. Your advantage: Little space required, a real inline fan
  • Material: Special composite material. Your advantage: Lower weight, quick and easy to assemble
  • Low-noise
  • Long life